A Guide To Our Breeding

First and Second Generation Puppies

At Stonehaven Park we breed First (F1) and Second (F1B) generation pups.

The following is a guide for all our crossbreeds.

Our first generation (F1) pups are the offspring of two purebred parents.

First Generation indicates that both parents are purebred, for example:
Parent 1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Parent 2 Poodle.
These pups usually inherit 50/50 of both parents, have a fleecy/wavy coat with the slight chance of shedding.

Our Second generation (F1B) pups will have one purebred parent and the other parent a 1 st gen cross.

Second Generation indicates there is a double up of one breed, for example:
Parent 1 Cavoodle and parent 2 is either a Poodle or a Cavalier.
With our second generation you often see a double up of certain genes passing on, giving the puppies a stronger Cavalier or Poodle resemblance, for example their coats or face.

The resemblance does depend on the parent’s genes. For instance, if Parent 1 is a 1 st gen Cavoodle and Parent 2 is a Poodle, pups are likely to inherit more of the Poodle gene and have curlier coats and a longer snout, although this is not guaranteed. These pups do not shed hair.

Whereas, if Parent 1 is a 1 st gen Cavoodle and Parent 2 is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups will likely inherit more of the Cavalier side with a fleecy coat and a squishier face, resembling a Cavalier. These pups may shed hair.

Deluxe Nursery

Our nursery provides the best conditions for mums & their puppies, including heated floors, wood heater, air conditioning, fully insulated & fans.

Large Play Yards

Our large yards give our puppies and dogs amples of room to run around, explore and play mind stimulating games on a daily basis.

Health Guarantee

Every puppy sold by Stonehaven Park comes with a 3 year money back health guarantee against any disease related back to its breeding or origin.

Puppy Pack

Puppies come with a puppy pack and are also microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked, wormed, desexed and treated for fleas, ticks, & parasites.

Why Choose

Stonehaven Park

We pride ourselves in accommodating healthy and happy puppies to families across Australia. We focus on the health and welfare of all our dogs, with our mission to uphold our excellent standards from your first enquiry to the day you bring your puppy home and followed by our support throughout the years to come. With over 20 years of experience, we uphold our reputation as a long standing breeder.


From Our Happy New Dog Owners

We have Prince just before July’s lockdown. We are so lucky to have Prince at home. He is a smart, sweet, friendly boy. Very easy for training doing his business.🥰 He has a beautiful coat after 5 months and beautiful tail 😍 Now he is 8 months and companies with us. Prince also catched up his brother Pluto in the park. They are too adorable to describe. We are so appreciate that we can have this kind of 🐶 at home.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
My Ronnie boy now 3 yrs old ❤️❤️❤️
Chantel Coleman
We had our pixie (2 nd gen cavoodle ) from Stonehaven. Pixie is fantastic dog. Nothing to complain about stonehaven and all the process was smooth and thanks for service Chloe. Highly recommend this place
Ranga Halwage