About Poodles


Poodles are a highly intelligent breed with a moderate to high need for company.

Poodles are a highly intelligent breed with a moderate to high need for company, they love spending time with their family and cuddled up on the couch. Having a very playful and clever temperament they make a wonderful companion to an active family and get along with children. Poodles do have a high maintaince coat that needs regular brushing and clipping every 5-6 weeks.

Poodles are often overlooked and labelled ‘Posh” although, they are usually very excitable, outstandingly intelligent, fitted with an athletic body and a sensible, stable nature.

Their hypoallergenic, thick, curly, and dense coats have a woolly appearance and does not shed hair. With their athletic, slender built poodles can have many marvellous styles.

Our Poodles are not bred to “show standards”. Pups not sold with Pedigree papers.

We will not be expecting a Poodle litter until late 2021/2022. Please enquire if you would like to go onto our waiting list.

Poodle Details:
Toy 26-33cm
Miniature 33-40cm
Toy 3-5kg
Miniature 5-8kg
Exercise Needs:
Moderate to high
Red, Black, White, Grey, Silver, Chocolate, Apricot
Poodle Puppy
Poodle Puppy
Poodle Puppy

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