Buying A Puppy


From our loving family to yours

We are a family run business that is dedicated to providing unconditional love, premium facilities and the best care to all of our dogs and puppies.

Our adult dogs are well cared for in an environment that produces healthy, quality puppies that we raise and prepare ready for their new family and home.

When you take home a Stonehaven Park puppy, you can feel reassured that you are getting the best of the best. A puppy that has been spoiled from birth, socialised with other puppies and one that is fit and ready to go home to their new family.

Every new puppy comes with a puppy pack. Read below to see what is included…

What does your puppy come with?

When purchasing a puppy from Stonehaven Park, you have a clear conscience knowing that you are buying ethically, and your puppy has been raised in a loving environment on our beautiful family farm.

Our puppies are available from 8 weeks old and will have the following when joining your family:


Your puppy will have received their 15 digit microchip number at 6 weeks old and has been recorded on Central Animal Records (CAR). When you collect your puppy, we email your council and will transfer the microchip number into your name. Please contact your local council to confirm shire lifetime registration.


Your puppy will receive their first vaccination (C5) at 6 weeks old and will need its second vaccination (C3) at 10-12 weeks of age, its third and final puppy vaccination (C3) at 16 weeks of age. From then yearly boosters (C5) are required.

Vet Checked

Your puppy has a very thorough vet check from our excellent and experienced vets at Animal Clinic Maffra. They ensure your pups eyes, ears, heart, bones, structure, skin, teeth are healthy at the examination.


Your puppy will be free of worms, having been on a strict worming schedule before coming to their new home. All our puppies are wormed with Drontal Puppy worming suspension at 2, 4
and 6 weeks old, at 8 weeks they are wormed with Milpro, which covers your puppy for
worms and up to one month against heartworm. It is crucial to keep the puppy’s worming schedule up to date. We provided dates in your puppy pack.

Flea, Tick & Parasites

Your puppy will come with a 1 month protection against fleas, ticks, and parasite. It is
essential to keep on top of these nasty parasites, puppies require monthly treatment until they have reached a steady weight, you can then move onto 3 monthly products. Your vets may also have a recommendation for a reliable product.


We are doing our bit to help reduce unwanted pups being dumped by having all of
Stonehaven Park puppies desexed before they arrive at their new home. Desexing (Spaying) females reduces unplanned pregnancies that result in thousands of unwanted puppies and
dogs being abandoned every week. Spaying a female at a young age also reduces the risk of mammary and ovarian tumours. Desexing (Castrating) a male stops their aggressive impulses to mark their territory and reduces the risk of testicular and prostate cancer.

Desexing our pups at 8 weeks old is a quick and simple procedure as pups heal much faster
and easier at a young age, they will be eating and playing within an hour after their surgery!
The RSPCA and Chief Veterinary Officer also recommends and practices early age desexing themselves.

Puppy Pack

Your puppy will travel home with a well thought out puppy pack. This ensures you have the essentials to cater for your puppy. We supply:

  • Bag of puppy dry food
  • Blanket with litter mates’ scent
  • Toys
  • Collar & Lead
  • Tote bag to carry your puppies goodies
  • Puppy pack with lots of information for new owners
  • Free Microchip transfer into your name

We offer continuous support from the day you first enquire about our gorgeous pups all the way throughout their precious lives.

Health Guarantee

All our puppies are sold with a 3 year health guarantee, offering 100% money back. Click here to read to read our health guarantee.

Who to Buy From?

As there are people around who don’t look after the welfare of their dogs, and breed them relentlessly, please ensure you never buy a puppy from somebody who will not provide answers, and not offer to show you where the pup has been raised.


We welcome all potential buyers to visit our facility, play with our pups, and meet our team. Puppies mum and dad are welcome to be viewed. We are proud of our modern facilities. Stonehaven Park customers are adopting a family companion to enhance their lifestyle. Whether purchasing as a companion, active or assisting with stress-related disorders; our puppies meet many needs.

Have questions about buying a new puppy?

If you have any questions about adopting a retired dog, you can contact us. We also have an FAQ section that might answer some of your questions about adopting.

Deluxe Nursery

Our nursery provides the best conditions for mums & their puppies, including heated floors, wood heater, air conditioning, fully insulated & fans.

Large Play Yards

Our large yards give our puppies and dogs amples of room to run around, explore and play mind stimulating games on a daily basis.

Health Guarantee

Every puppy sold by Stonehaven Park comes with a 3 year money back health guarantee against any disease related back to its breeding or origin.

Puppy Pack

Puppies come with a puppy pack and are also microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked, wormed, desexed and treated for fleas, ticks, & parasites.

Why Choose

Stonehaven Park

We pride ourselves in accommodating healthy and happy puppies to families across Australia. We focus on the health and welfare of all our dogs, with our mission to uphold our excellent standards from your first enquiry to the day you bring your puppy home and followed by our support throughout the years to come. With over 20 years of experience, we uphold our reputation as a long standing breeder.


From Our Happy New Dog Owners

Maggie our beautiful Westie.
Anne Pritchett
West Highland Terrier
Our beautiful boy Otis is the cutest, most affectionate little puppy. We have been waiting for the right time to get our first family pet with children 6yrs and 8yrs old. He is just what we wanted, a chocolate male cavoodle 💙. Stonehaven Park were brilliant with their communication and sent us regular updates while we waited the 9 long weeks to be able to bring him home. Thanks so much Chloe, we appreciate your help and would recommend Stonehaven to anyone. I must add, we got Otis from Stonehaven on recommendation from family who have a gorgeous 4 year old Cavoodle from there.
Emma Roughton
I got my gorgeous boy last May from Stonehaven. He has been pure joy since the start! Healthy, cheeky, happy, affectionate and SOOO loving. Would highly recommend Stonehaven !
Maxine Feynberg