About Rottweilers


The Lap Dog” is frequently used to describe these large, athletic, and strong dogs.

Rottweilers are pictured big and tough! But with the right training and socialising they become the most wonderful family pet. “The Lap Dog” is frequently used to describe these large, athletic, and strong dogs. Devoted and a loyal guardian to the family, an instinct to protect. Once you have a Rottweiler you will not go back! With their intelligence and fearless nature, they make a great companion and family pet.

Rottweilers require a dedicated and active family. With their power and speed, they need obedient training and socialisations from the beginning. An experienced owner with firm, confident and strong minded actions is recommended. Once a rottweiler is obedient they make the perfect playmates.

Their sleek straight coats are easy to maintain. Require brushing when necessary.

Rottweilers have high energy levels as a pup, though once they get older their exercise needs lower. Daily exercise is still required and its recommended to keep up their mind stimulation with activities and obedience training.

Our Rottweilers are not bred for show and do not come with Pedigree papers.

We will not be expecting a Rottweiler litter until late 2021. Please enquire if you would like to go onto our waiting list.

Rottweiler Details:
Male: 61-69cm
Female: 56-63cm
Male: 50-60kg
Female: 38-48kg
Low to moderate
Exercise Needs:
Extremely high as puppies
Low to Moderate as Adults
Black & Tan
Rottweiler Puppy
Rottweiler Puppy
Rottweiler Puppy

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