About Schnoodles


Schnoodles are a highly intelligent and active dog.

Receiving the best of both
worlds- a Poodles eagerness to please and a Schnauzers sturdiness, loyal companion and of course their intelligence. Schnoodles are known to love being the centre of attention, cuddles and their trips to park! Being a quick to learn breed, they will delight you and your family with their loyal and playful nature as well as being wonderful pets with children.

Schnoodles are greatly devoted and have the willingness to please their owners. They have an affectionate and inquisitive nature, who thoroughly enjoy time on your lap.

Schnoodles have a hypoallergenic, low to non-shedding coat that requires frequent brushing and clipping every 8-12 weeks.

Schnoodles can show dominate traits and require early socialisation and obedient training.

We breed both first and second generation Schnoodles, Toy and Miniature for more information click here.

Schnoodle Details:
Toy 26-35cm
Miniature 35cm-40cm
Toy 5-8kg
Miniature 8-12kg
Low to none
Exercise Needs:
Black, Tri, Grey, White, Black & Tan, Salt & Pepper
Schnoodle Puppy
Schnoodle Puppy
Schnoodle Puppy

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If you have any questions about adopting a retired dog, you can contact us. We also have an FAQ section that might answer some of your questions about adopting.